Efforts of some junior officers of the Kasoa police division to combat crime seems to be repeatedly thwarted by some senior officers.

As the young and selfless officers risks their lives arresting criminals, the senior officers sits at the comfort of their offices and take goodies to release the suspects arrested.

A similar incidence is a particular story that happened on Tuesday, 25 th July 2017 some few days after a police personnel was shot and killed at Lapaz, Accra in broad daylight and the full glare of onlookers.

In this instance a police personnel at the Kasoa police division had chased two suspects who were on a motorbike namely Emmanuel Antwi and Kwame Owusu and arrested them at Liberia Camp near Kasoa.

During the time of arrest, a Pink Fm Newsman who was around drew near to inquire from the personnel since he had thought that the officer was just intimidating the duo, the police officer showed two very well compressed dried leaves shaped in the form of cubes which was suspected to be marijuana or otherwise known as ‘wee’.

Even though a journalist who was assigned to follow up the matter went to the police station and saw the two put behind bars and even took photographs of the suspects in an attempt to do a follow-up, the station officer at the Kasoa District police Chief Inspector Oppong told journalists from Pink Fm that no such incident had happened even though other senior officers confirmed the arrest.

However, in an attempt to dig further, an investigation conducted by Pink Fm’s journalists revealed that the station officer had taken amounts of GHC 1,500 and GHC 1,200 from each of the suspects and relieved them even though the officer who made the arrest had ignored the suspects when they tried to bribe him before a Pink Fm journalist.

Even though the attentions of the Kasoa Divisional Commander DSP Dennis Abadey and the Kasoa District Police Commander DSP Ahiatafu have been drawn to the matter nothing has been done upon it as the suspects moves freely within town. The police officer who made the arrest even though for fear of intimidation has remained tight-lipped over the matter, Pinknews can authoritatively report that he feels insecure as a deep throat source within the Kasoa police has whispered to Pinknews about a complaint lodged by the officer over a suspicious look from the suspects and some other people.

As at now, Pinknews has in our possession audios of conversations confirming the payment and a screenshot of the transaction between the payee and one De-Graft Amo, an investigator at the Kasoa police station. In the audio, a woman who made the payment explained that an amount of GHC 1000 was paid in cash whilst the remaining GHC 200 was paid through mobile money.

Pinknews calls on the Inspector General of Police, IGP David Asante Apeatu to take up this matter and probe the high rank officers to ensure discipline and the safety of police officers who are willing to work diligently.

Source pink FM


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