Teacher Inserted a Broken Broomstick” into my Daughter Vagina as Punishment.


Gifty Sannie told Chief Jerry Forson on Accra100.5FM’s breakfast show, Ghana Yensom, on Friday, 21 July that the management of the school is attempting to cover up the incident.

The mother, a second-year nursing student at the university, who has three children enrolled in the University Basic School, said the incident happened on 19 July.

She narrated that she reported the case to the Ghana Police Headquarters because she did not trust the Adenta Police Command enough to lodge a complaint with them, even though the alleged incident happened within their jurisdiction.

“It is the elder twin [Panyin] that was defiled,” she told Jerry Forson, alleging that the school has been using juju against her and her children – which gets them to fall sick almost every time.

Ms Sannie urged the Domestic Violence and Victims’ Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service (DOVVSU) to get involved to ensure that the lady teacher is arrested and dealt with according to the law.

“The school authorities are protecting the teacher and trying to cover it up but I will never allow it to rest. Enough is enough!” she said.

“It was deliberate so that I could take the kids out of the school … this has been going on for a very long time, enough is enough, Valley View University and Valley View University Basic School, you are evil people, God will punish you.”

Apart from the alleged sexual assault, Ms Sannie also alleged that the same female teacher cut her daughter with a blade and “sucked her blood”. “You cut a little girl’s finger and suck her blood, are you a vampire?” she wondered. That incident, she claimed, happened about three weeks to a month ago.

She said there was no need reporting the incident to the authorities because they have also committed “more atrocious crimes” which they are “covering up”.

Ms Sannie claims the management of the school has sacked the only teacher who witnessed the assault of her daughter as part of the cover-up scheme.

According to a police medical report, the little girl suffered from “medile vulva mucosa, bilaterally”.

Pastor Joe Hagen, Senior Registrar of Value View University (VVU) said: “… I can tell you that all the allegations she made are not true. It’s not true that anybody inserted broom into the little girl’s vagina.”

He, however, said the station should have made “adequate enquiries” and “cross-checked the facts” of the matter before going ahead to air the story. “Did you check? Do you know whether the woman is mentally sick or not, did you check?” he asked.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5FM



The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako has heavily descended on Kofi Portuphy, National chairman of the opposition NDC, describing him as weak political leader who is allowing himself to be ordered around by the ‘boys in their party to engage in trivialities in the name of politics.’

Further describing the opposition party leader as disappointing and unassertive leader, Chairman Antwi Boasiako therefore, charged Mr. Portuphy to learn from Mr. Freddy Blay, acting national chairman of the ruling NPP how to responsibly lead a party in opposition.

Speaking to newsmen after the NDC had held its press conference to counter that of the President’s media encounter, the NPP regional chairman, popularly called Wontumi, expressed sadness that the NDC chairman still allows himself to be used as a puppet by ‘these so-called babies with sharp teeth’ to advance their political ambitions at the detriment of he (Portuphy) reputation.

According to him, the hurriedly organized press conference by the NDC led by Mr. Portuphy clearly shows that he never learnt from his counterpart in the NPP, reason why he is being used ‘disgracingly’ to do the dirty works for the party, stressing “the NPP has been in opposition for eight years and the NDC saw the kind of responsible opposition leadership that we shown, however, sad to note that they did not learn from us.”

He continued: “well…they were busily stealing from Ghanaians so they did not see the kind of civilized and responsible opposition we gave them, especially, coming from Freddy Blay in the round up to the 2016 elections. If the NDC and Portuphy want to be taken seriously by the good people of Ghana, then they should be start learning from our chairman Mr. Blay.”

To Chairman Wontumi, it was difficult for the party to push Mr. Freddy Blay around into doing things that was contrary to his conviction, let alone to address something of which he was not privy to.

“This is what I call accountable, responsible and focused leadership”, the regional party chairman stated, urging Mr. Kofi Portuphy to challenge himself and lead his party well in ensuring that the country have a standard and credible opposition political party who can constructively check the government and put it on its toes.

Muntaka clashes with Majority Leader over Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill


The Minority Chief Whip, Hon Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, Wednesday clashed with the Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, over the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, 2017.

Muntaka had called for the immediate withdrawal of the Bill from Parliament insisting that it did not follow due process before it was laid on the floor on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

According to him, per the standing orders of the House, the Bill should have been gazetted 14 days prior to its laying on the floor.

That aside, once the Bill is laid, copies should be made available to members.

However, due process was not followed in the laying of the Bill.

That aside, as at today, copies have not been made available to members.

But the majority leader argued that due process was followed and therefore no illegality was committed.

He also said as at last night he had 30 copies of the Bill in his office but due to the fire outbreak in the Job 600, he couldn’t give them out to the Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

Besides, now that the Job 600 has been locked, it will be impossible to give

copies of the Bill to Members.



The MP for Odotobri constituency in Ashanti region Hon. Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi has said Ghanaians should not listen to the propaganda by the minority caucus in  parliament that the new CEO of BOST  Mr. Boating has sold contaminated fuel to Movipinaa for distribution to Ghanaian market.

Recently, the minority caucus is alleging that there is fake fuel in Ghanaian market which if, care is not taken will destroy our vehicles.

They are of the view that this will amount to a suspected fraud which the NPP government has been preaching against.

Honourable. Gyamfi has condemned the allegation by stating clearly that it not true

He explained further that if even the allegation is true it was committed by the former CEO in NDC administration in 18th January this year which the current CEO had not been appointed.

He admitted that there has been instances when  this contaminated fuel Saga has come to public notice and therefore needs to be eradicated because in 2014-4.6 million litres were discovered in the system likewise 2015-9.9 million litres and in 2016-12 million litres.

He concluded by recommending the energy minister Hon.  Boakye Agyaiko for setting up 8 member committee to immediately investigate the matter.

The University of Ghana in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary to Ghana



The University of Ghana in cooperation with the Embassy of Hungary to Ghana offers preparatory Hungarian language courses to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians who need proficiency in this language for their studies or work. We highly recommend the course for those who would like to acquire a basic knowledge in Hungarian language and culture before beginning their studies in Hungary or for those who would like to know more about Hungary for any reason.

You can choose from the following courses:

Course on Weekdays: 2×4 lessons per week

Course on Weekends: 1×6 lessons per week

1 lesson lasts: 45 minutes

Length of the courses:

July 31, 2017 – August 18, 2017 (for the Tuesday and Thursday group): 3 weeks (24 lessons)

July 29, 2017 – August 19, 2017 (for the Saturday group): 4 weeks (24lessons)

Course fee:

Registration fee: GHC 40.00

Tuition fee: GHC 400.00

For more details and registration, please contact:

Embassy of Hungary (E-mail: secretariat.emb.hu@gmail.com, tel.: +233 556488650)

Application deadline: 10 July 2017

​FREE S.H.S IS ONE WAY TO END CHILD LABOUR by Hon.  Frema Akosua Osei-Opare. 

The chief of staff Hon. Frema Akosua Osei-Opare, has said there is no way Ghanaians can continue to say we are ignorant about child labour and therefore endanger the life of children. 
The chief of staff was delivering a keynote address on world day against Child Labour. 
She said the government is taking all steps  to stop child labour and thus with social intervention as free S.H.S is a one way to end child labour. 
In an exclusive interview with Richmond Adu Dwamena Bossfm93.7 parliamentary correspondent. 

Honourable Frema said conflicts, disasters, minning, fishing, cocoa areas and poverty all contribute to child labour she therefore encourage players as media, Chiefs leaders, dovsu, gender and social protection ministry labour and employment ministry’s as well as enforcing laws to end the child labour. 

Due to some parents inability to care for their wards education coupled with poverty most children raging from 5-17 years end up in child labour. 
It is with this that the current administration lead by His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has promised Ghanaians free S.H.S to begin at next academy year. She encourage all parents to take advantage of the opportunity to send their children to school since education is a better way to brighten their future. 
She warned parents and some media station who engage children in activities that earn them money to support parents and family to stop such acts in order not to be caught by the laws against children’s rights.

She concluded by urging Ghanaians to support the free S.H.S in divert ways to make it a success as envisaged by government.


The Minister for lands and natural resources Hon.  Peter Amewu has cautioned those engaging in illegal sand winning to stop immediately or face necessary discipline sanctions. 
In an exclusive  interview with Boss FM 93.7 Parliamentary correspondent Richmond Adu Dwamena the minister said there is no way illegal sand winning should be encouraged since it the same as galamsey which is destroying our natural resources as land and river bodies. 

He continued that though the ministry is not an easy one as known to manage, but he will do the best he can to engage chiefs, stakeholders and media to fight the menace. 
It is on record that this government has promised to fight all illegal activities in the country to make it a safe place to live. 
Looking at environmental situation in Ghana now, Forest, lands and river bodies are destroying due to illegal mining and sand winning.
Honourable Amewu Continue that indiscipline is on ascendency but will make sure the ministry will put necessary measures, which if applied, will be a way to protect the environment.
As part of government effort to protect our environment in accordance with the United nation (UN) measures there is a need to enforce strict measures to punish culprits to desist from destroying the environment. 
Despite the calls by the public that the measures will affect employment the government is also taking alternative measures to arrest the situation. 
Honourable. Peter Amewu therefore  urged the media to disseminate the information about activities such as galamsay and sand winning to safe our environment from destruction.



The mp for shama constituency Hon.Ato Pamford has said it’s time the govt.takes keen interest to equip NADMO such that it can prevent disaster than manage it.Hon Ato was contributing to a statement read by the MP for Ashiaman that NADMO falls short to prevent
Hon. Eernest Norgbey said it is sad to note that the public confidence in NADMO has faded completely which calls for attention.

He gave an example that it took Hon. Zenator Rawlings-MP for Klortey-Korley and some individuals to assist victims in a disaster though NADMO was the best to do so.



The minority caucus lead by former deputy finance minister Hon. Kaseley Ato Forson has said that it will be necessary for Ghanaians to know the details of the 2.25billoin bond secured in a manner that fraud is suspected. The minority is of the view that if no details are provided it will mean woeful financial laws to the state and  should be probed.
The parliament has today agreed to invite the Finance Minister Hon Ken Ofori Atta for further briefing on the 2.25 billion dollar bond recently secured.The minority is of the view that the bond was secured in a manner intransparent to parliament as raised by minority leader Hon.Haruna Iddrisu.

The majority through the leader Hon.Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu seconded the matter for the appearance of Hon. Ken Ofori Atta though he is out of the country at the moment but the majority is optimistic the minister will answer the call as the house  is demanding.

The Allege murder of Hon.  JB Dankwa . Is discharged but not acquited, Joseph Osei Owusu MP for Bekwai.  

Hon.  Joseph Osei Owusu first deputy speaker and member of parliament for Bekwai  constituency. Today after sitting of parliament has disclosed to the Boss FM parliamentary correspondent that the alleged murder of the Abuakwa north former MP Hon.  Joseph Boakye  Dwakwa Adu, has not been set free as being speculated. But rather new investigations to be conducted. He continued that Daniel Asiadu is discharged but not acquired. He advised the public to excise patience  for the judiciary to do the necessary investigations before judgment. 

It is recalled that on the 9th of February 2016 the sitting MP was murdered in cold-blood at his own residence at shiashie in Accra. Which led to the arrest of Daniel Asiadu as Prime suspect, the case has been pending till date  that the suspect is discharged today at Accra high court by the sitting judge LL Mensah. Asiedu together with Vincent Bosso have been discharged by the High Court after the Attorney General filed a Nolle Prosequi to terminate proceedings.

A senior state attorney Sefakor Batcha informed the court Tuesday the State can no longer pursue the case which has been in court for over a year.